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Building A Brand Pyramid - Buddy + Co.

Building A Brand Pyramid

The Brand Pyramid

is a tool that we use at Buddy+Co to help our client's define and organize the foundational elements of their brand. It's a great way to visually represent what your brand is, what it stands for, and what specifically makes it unique. 

Brand Pyramid

Your Vision:

How do you fit into the lives of the people that are going to use your products and services? What makes you unique? Where is the brand going? Your vision is your reason for starting your brand in the first place. It's personal to you and it aligns with your points of differentiation.

Buddy Tip:

Keep it short and sweet, around 1-2 sentences. It can be difficult to condense something so big and grand into a short blurb, so write it out. Ideate and let your vision marinate in your notes. Then, once you feel as though you have gotten all of your thoughts down, begin to distill. The more personal and authentic your vision is the easier it will be on your audience to connect with your brand.

Your Values and Beliefs:

Simply put, what does your brand stand for? Why does your brand exist? These don't necessarily have to be unique, but rather closely practiced and effectively communicated to your audience. These values should relate to the reason for creating your brand and act as further points of differentiation. They'll also provide part of a framework to aid in day-to-day actions and decision making.

Buddy Tip:

You shouldn't need more than 3-5 strong values to help you stay focused and precise in your strategy. Too many values can lead to content and communication going in lots of different directions. Make sure you understand the purpose of each value. A brand can value lots of different things, but if there isn't an actionable way to showcase that value it becomes obsolete. Write a guiding principle for each value - a clear actionable statement that will help you to hold your brand accountable to its value statements.

Your Brand Positioning + Brand Essence

What will your brand do? What will your brand promise to do? What is the value the brand presents to the customers? Your brand positioning is another great point of differentiation and a way to keep your brand accountable to the direction that you initially envisioned for your brand.

Your Brand Essence is: 

The core identity or fundamental nature of a brand. It represents the fundamental values, beliefs, and characteristics that define what the brand stands for and how it is perceived by its target audience. Brand essence goes beyond tangible aspects such as products or services; it encapsulates the emotional and psychological connection that consumers have with the brand.

Buddy Tip:

To build a strong brand essence, prioritize authenticity. Understand your brand's core values, be genuine in your communications and actions, maintain consistency across all touchpoints, listen to your audience's feedback, live your brand in every aspect of your business, and tell compelling stories that resonate with your target audience. By authentically embodying your brand's essence, you can forge genuine connections with your audience and stand out in a competitive market.

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