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What's InCluded...

Week 1

The Basics

We'll review the state of the union, get to know each other & our businesses. We'll dissect what's working in the DTC world, and some of the challenges facing brands today to help us establish a personalized roadmap forward. We'll review The Buddy Method for building brands and start to outline brand goals, both high-level and specific.

Week 2


From understanding the fundamental concepts to developing a compelling brand strategy, this course was created to provide tools, knowledge, and techniques necessary to building a sustainable brand. We'll cover the core elements of branding, work through you're core principles, and start to curate visual design elements. We'll talk strategically about building an authentic brand voice, as we begin to lay the foundation for your brand!

Week 3


This week we'll review Shopify best practices, how to ensure you are set up for long term success & how to use your Shopify data to understand how your customer shops, where they come from and how to find more of them. Plus well review tips & tricks to make the most of your Shopify account. In addition, we will provide insights on leveraging analytics and metrics to optimize your Shopify store performance.

Week 4

Budget & Forecasting

We're going to shift gears this week and start talking about the financial side of building your brand. From budget formulation to forecasting revenue streams, we'll equip you with tools to establish a financially sustainable brand. We'll explore budget allocation strategies, revenue projections, and expense management tailored to brand development.

Week 5

Organic Marketing

This week's lesson covers the basics of organic marketing. We'll explore techniques and strategies for cultivating brand awareness and authentic engagement. We'll equip you with a foundational knowledge of SEO optimization, and dive into best practices for content creation. We'll touch on community building and B2B partnerships, as we develop an understanding of how to effectively reach your target audience through non-paid channels.

Week 6

Paid Media

This week is all about understanding and building a paid media strategy! You'll learn how to develop targeted paid media campaigns that align with brand objectives and resonate with the target audience. Through practical exercises, we'll analyze effective ad formats, audience segmentation, and budget optimization techniques to maximize ROI. Finally, we'll start to shape the blueprint for a personalized paid media strategy that you'll be able to use after launch!

Week 7

Product Development

This is going to be a fun one! We'll explore the integral process of conceptualizing, designing, and launching products that resonate with your brand identity and target audience. We'll provide insights into market research methodologies, ideation techniques, and prototyping strategies to bring innovative products to market successfully. We'll delve into product lifecycle management, packaging design, and product positioning strategies essential for building a distinct brand identity!

Week 8


We're talking about operations this week, exploring the essential operational aspects crucial for establishing and sustaining a successful brand presence. We'll delve into supply chain management, inventory optimization, and logistics strategies to ensure seamless product delivery and customer satisfaction. We'll address operational efficiency, cost management, and scalability considerations vital for brand growth and expansion!

Week 9


For our final week, we'll recap what we've discussed, measure our progress against our goals. We'll work together to set up a personalized strategy for your brand and business moving forward, and talk through any lingering questions you might have!

The How

Sign up for our course to participate in weekly live coaching sessions with the Buddy Team. Each session covers key business topics, from branding and e-commerce to financial planning and media strategies, progressing from basic brand building to advanced marketing tactics.

The Who

The Buddy Brand Incubator is open to entrepreneurs at any business stage, from startups to established companies aiming to innovate. The program adjusts to diverse participant needs, offering valuable insights for anyone looking to elevate their business.

Christopher Donnelly - Founder Buddy + Co

When Do We Meet?

Tuesday's With Buddy

Once Your Buddy Brand Incubator Program Begins - You'll meet with Your Buddies Every Tuesday From 11:00 AM CST to 12:30 PM CST

Can't Make A Session? Don't worry they will be recorded and sent at the end of every session to you & your buddy group.

Not Sure The Programs For You?

Feel free to reach out and inquire about any concerns before applying to ensure it's the perfect match for your business