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The Buddy Experts

Industry Leaders. Ground Breakers. Ceiling Shatterers. Game Changers.

We've put together a team of ever-growing professionals ready and willing to help you grow and take your business to new heights. Recognizing the power and importance of unity, the Buddy+Co. vision is driven by connection—to ourselves and others—because together we win.

Christopher Donnelly - Founder Buddy + Co

Founder & CEO Of Buddy+Co.

Christopher Donnelly

Brand Building + Marketing Expert

Elliot Gross - Director Of Brand Strategy

Strategist At Buddy+Co.

Elliot Gross

Brand Strategist + Marketing Expert

Jessica Ayala | Vice President Of Operations


Jessica Ayala

Operations + E-Commerce Expert

Book A Session With Aleks Chojnacka - Buddy + Co.

Marketing Director at Shopstyle

Aleks Chojnacka

Digital Marketing + Strategic Partnership Expert

Executive Leader

Alison Stiefel

Marketing + Advertising Expert

Photographer + Videographer

Luis Martinez

Photography + Videography Expert

Book A Session With Ali Parmelee - Buddy + Co.

Paid Media Partner

Ali Parmelee

Paid Media + Social Ads Expert

Book A Session With Jason Linde - Buddy + Co.

Paid Media Partner

Jason Linde

Paid Media Expert

Book A Session With Cara Gibbs

Design + Lifestyle Writer

Cara Gibbs

Brand + Content + Marketing Expert

Book A Session With Michelle Everett - Buddy +Co.

Business Model, Structure, + Financials

Michelle Everett

Business Strategy + Logistics + Operations Expert

Marketing + Strategy + Ecommerce Leader

Caroline Schild

Business Strategy + Paid Media Marketing + Content Strategy Expert

Book A Session With Jason Ludtke - Buddy+Co

Product Development + Branding Leader

Jason Ludtke

Branding + Marketing + Web Design Expert

Book A Session With Laura Bindloss - Buddy+Co.

Content + Marketing Strategist

Laura Bindloss

Content + Marketing + Paid Media Expert

Book A Session With Elaine Azlin - Buddy+Co.

PR + Marketing Leader

Elaine Azlin

PR + Content + Marketing Expert


It’s pretty simple: Find an expert whose expertise meet the needs of you and your business. Schedule a 1-on-1 meeting with your chosen expert. Provide your expert with any and all resources that they might need beforehand, so that your expert can have an understanding of what you need and can prepare. Compile any questions or ideas that you have for your expert and bring them to your meeting. After your meeting, leave a review for your expert noting any value that they provided to you. Take your new found knowledge and skills and apply them to your brand!


Building a brand requires a well-rounded understanding of what your industry. Our Experts have expertise in a wide range of areas and can assist with everything from nominal, day-to-day challenges to larger-scale, big-picture solutions. We've designed a team for anyone looking to find practical, industry-tested solutions from skilled and experienced professionals. From product development and brand strategy, to paid media marketing and PR expertise, our Experts can help provide solutions from the beginning of your journey to post-launch!

The Buddy Brand Incubator | Enroll in the Buddy Brand Incubator Program, a comprehensive 9-week course featuring live weekly coaching sessions with the Buddy Team and our experts. This program is designed to assist you in initiating or expanding your current business, all while fostering connections with like-minded founders. Hurry, as each course is limited to only 10 spots!

Interested in becoming a Buddy Expert?

Join our team of Experts - industry leaders and professionals seeking to help emerging brands in their specialized field.